About NWS



  • Has interests in:
  • Interface Design (UX/UI) and Usability
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Neurology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Storytelling
  • Gamification

And a few more, all more-or-less about human nature, experience and business.

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A few more details:

  • Originally from world of sales and print (book salesman and book cover designer)
  • Has a long history with Yoga
  • Doesn't shy away from conspiracy theories
  • Isn't a fan of PC (political correctness)
  • Watches sports almost never
  • Big fan of Marvel's movies (Superman is cool but, man, Marvel reigns supreme)
  • In his free time, produces electronic music and DJs.


About Nenad W. S.

Nenad is an independent business consultant and designer/copywriter specializing in Experience Design (XD), Conversion Optimization (CRO) & System Architecture.

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